I’m India.

I’m a college graduate from Florida State University with a degree in English and a minor in Environmental Science and Policy. I’m a girlfriend, a sister, a dog mom, a climber, a writer, a small business owner, and above all a lover of the outdoors. 

How I found my love for the outdoors. 

As a child I had an intense fascination with nature but always felt like it was a world that existed separate from my own. The Floridian landscape that surrounded me during my childhood never captivated my imagination or dared me to push my boundaries; instead I was turned off by the intense heat and endless mosquitos. That all changed when I went on my first real outdoor expedition to Utah at the age of 18 and discovered the unbelievable beauty of the outdoors. I was in awe of the sights around me and of what my body was capable of, and I vowed to take my newfound appreciation of nature and apply it to my surrounds no matter where I was (even in muggy ole Florida). Ever since then I’ve pushed myself to get outside every chance I get and to experience as much of the great outdoors as I possibly can.

What is Forest Tourist?

Like most others trying to make their way in the world, I constantly find myself facing the same question: What inspires me? I recently discovered that the outdoors are a huge source of inspiration for me, and that discovery dramatically changed my life for the better. This blog is a way for me to share my inspirations, discover what drives me, and fight for the things that I love. 

Monument Valley

This blog will primarily be about my main passions: climbing, outdoor advocacy and conservation, and healthy living. Come along with me as I pursue adventure and encourage you to do the same!

Welcome to the forest.