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    Let’s Talk About Body Hair

    Hello lovelies! Today I want to talk about a topic that has been on my mind since my first year of college: body hair. About a year ago I was inspired by two friends (Paige Charlick and Juliana Rodriguez, I love y’all) to start growing out my armpit hair. The simple revelation that the world doesn’t come to a crashing halt when a woman refuses to shave her pits sparked my curiosity with body hair, and more specifically society’s relationship with it. After a little over a full year of going au naturale and silently ranting in my head about the taboo that is female hair, I’ve decided it’s time…

  • Cooking with John While Camping // Forest Tourist
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    Fresh in the Forest 001: Food and the Great Outdoors

    Howdy y’all. And yes, I did just say howdy. As you know, I really enjoy getting outside. Like, really really enjoy it. I’m all for spending a few days camping, climbing, biking, hiking, sitting in a hammock, and kayaking; and in the midst of all that fun I need to find some time to shove food into my mouth to power my adventures. So I wanted to start a little series about how to eat fresh(ish) in the forest, because believe it or not people who go outside haven’t figured out how to photosynthesize yet so we still gotta eat. In all seriousness, my transition from a kid who had…

  • Let's Talk About Collagen // Forest Tourist
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    Let’s Talk About Collagen

    Just a little disclosure: I am not a doctor or medical professional of any kind – I’m just some girl on the internet! This blog post is all about my own personal experience with collagen supplements and the research that I have done along the way. Trust your body, talk to your doctor, and find what works for you! Hello friends! Today I want to talk to you about something that has become part of my daily routine: collagen. I was initially exposed to the idea of collagen via Lee from America, a blogger and instagrammer, and after doing my own research on it I decided to incorporate it into my diet.…

  • Food in Tampa // Forest Tourist
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    Let’s Talk About Food

    From a normal girl who loves pasta to a vegan to a... what am I now? Who really knows anymore. I'm going to talk a lot about my journey with food, but this post isn't just about me. It's about why we eat the things that we eat and how we can learn and grow from one another. I hope this inspires you to make changes in your own life or strengthens your personal beliefs and encourages you to stick to them.

  • How to Love The Planet by Loving Yourself // Forest Tourist
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    Love the Planet by Loving Yourself

    Hello friends. Today I want to talk to you about something close to my heart, but I want to do so in a way that won’t come across as condescending. On April 13, 2016 I made a decision that radically changed my life in so many ways: the decision to stop consuming animal products. Going vegan was something I had wrestled with and considered for a very long time, and on that sunny April morning I remember taking a step back from thoughts of “what will other people think” and “how can I live without cheese” and taking the plunge to purge animal products from my life cold turkey (pun…