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    Monthly Recap // October 2019

    What went on: September started off on a high note, because my parents came to visit me in Wyoming. They stayed at Brush Creek Ranch for four days, and during that time John and I were able to do activities with them and – more importantly – eat meals with them. We kicked off their stay by hiking around the alpine lakes in Medicine Bow National Forest; I’ve hiked that trail many times during my time as an activities guide at Brush Creek Ranch, but it was really special to share the place I’ve come to know and love with my parents. My parents’ stay at the ranch was full…

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    Monthly Recap // September 2019

    What went on: At times it still feels like August just started; I’m convinced that I blinked and the entire month flew by. To kick off the month, John and I explored the lakes trail in Medicine Bow National Forest together for the first time – or more accurately, the first time where we weren’t walking on three feet of snow or guiding guests. We had anticipated climbing one of the peaks in Med Bow, but the abundance of snow at the base of the route threw us off so we opted for a leisurely hike instead. No matter how many times I hike through the range I still lose…

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    Monthly Recap // August 2019

    What went on: Summer is finally in full swing here in Wyoming, and July was jam packed with adventures in the sunshine. To start things off, almost all of the activity guides that I work with went out on a scenic float trip together in the evening. We loaded up the giant blue inflatable raft on the bank of the North Platte River and shoved off for a leisurely booze cruise. I truly never get tired of spending time with this lovely group of individuals – both on the job and after work – so floating along the River was a wonderful way to pass the time and watch the…

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    Monthly Recap // July 2019

    What went on: June was primarily spent adjusting to life on the ranch and preparing for the upcoming season. Despite the promise of warmer weather that typically comes with the summer solstice, Wyoming frequently peppered us with out-of-the-blue snowstorms and rainy weather that brought with it chilling winds. Even though summer seems like a lifetime away, I’m trying to remind myself to cherish these colder afternoons before they are rapidly replaced with dry and dusty hot flashes. John and I tried not to let the poor weather get us down, however. We started out the month by climbing in Sinks Canyon State Park outside of Lander, Wyoming, which was unbearably…

  • June Intentions // Forest Tourist

    Monthly Recap // June 2019

    What went on: Holy heck, May was a busy month. During the very first week John and I packed everything we owned into his van and left Tallahassee. Saying goodbye to the place that I had called home for three years and to all of the people I grew to love was incredibly hard. I recently wrote a blog post reflecting on my time in Florida’s capital, and in it I shared some of my favorite places to eat and things to do in Tallahassee – you can read it here! From Tallahassee we started driving out west towards Wyoming, and along the way we stopped in Colorado so John…

  • May Intentions // Forest Tourist

    Monthly Recap // May 2019

    What went on: April got off to a busy start, and somehow it managed to maintain that energy throughout the entire month. At the beginning of April I competed in Tallahassee Rock Gym’s 9th annual Save the South climbing competition. This was my third year participating in Save the South but only my second year competing, because last year I was working at the gym and stayed behind the scenes. It was so heartwarming to reunite with old friends who came back for the competition, and it made me so happy to watch new climbers fall in love with the sport like I did at my first Save the South.…

  • April Intentions // Forest Tourist

    Monthly Recap // April 2019

    What went on: When I look back on what I did in March I feel exhausted, even though in reality not much went on. I started working full time at Lucky Goat Coffee, which meant I was in the cafe five days a week and rarely had time for any adventures. That being said, I was still able to squeeze a few activities in when I happened to have time off. Earlier in the month John and I went on our first bikepacking trip. I had been dreaming of riding to the lighthouse in the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge since I first moved to Tallahassee, so we loaded up…