• June Intentions // Forest Tourist

    Monthly Recap // June 2019

    What went on: Holy heck, May was a busy month. During the very first week John and I packed everything we owned into his van and left Tallahassee. Saying goodbye to the place that I had called home for three years and to all of the people I grew to love was incredibly hard. I recently wrote a blog post reflecting on my time in Florida’s capital, and in it I shared some of my favorite places to eat and things to do in Tallahassee – you can read it here! From Tallahassee we started driving out west towards Wyoming, and along the way we stopped in Colorado so John…

  • Tallahassee Travel Guide // Forest Tourist

    Florida Spotlight: Tallahassee

    One of my most vivid memories is from my first night in Tallahassee; after my furniture was set up and my family drove away, I laid down in my new bed in my new room and stared up at the ceiling. Everyone I knew and everything I had grown accustomed to over the past 19 years was gone, and I felt so incredibly alone in that small apartment. Over the past three years, Tallahassee has transformed from a lonely and intimidating city to a place that I can sincerely call home. I recently said goodbye to Florida’s capital in order to pursue new adventures in new places, but I know…

  • May Intentions // Forest Tourist

    Monthly Recap // May 2019

    What went on: April got off to a busy start, and somehow it managed to maintain that energy throughout the entire month. At the beginning of April I competed in Tallahassee Rock Gym’s 9th annual Save the South climbing competition. This was my third year participating in Save the South but only my second year competing, because last year I was working at the gym and stayed behind the scenes. It was so heartwarming to reunite with old friends who came back for the competition, and it made me so happy to watch new climbers fall in love with the sport like I did at my first Save the South.…

  • Asheville Travel Guide // Forest Tourist

    Asheville Travel Guide

    I have been to Asheville, North Carolina three times in my life, but up until last weekend I had never spent a considerable amount of time exploring the city - mainly because the first time I went I was young and the second time was only for a couple of hours. So when John and I bought tickets to a concert in Asheville that took place last weekend, I was beyond excited to finally get to know the city nestled in between the mountains. Like true weekend warriors, John and I attempted to make the most of our time in Asheville by packing in as many activities as we could.…

  • England Travel Guide // Forest Tourist

    England Travel Guide

    In December of 2016 my family and I took a trip to England for Christmas vacation. We spent ten days exploring London and the surrounding cities, and each day was full of activities. We were fortunate enough to have a rental car in the United Kingdom, and that allowed us to see more of the country than we would have if we had to rely on busses. That being said there are plenty of bus companies that offer day trips to many of the locations that we visited, so you can still explore other cities if you don’t have a car (or if you don’t want to flirt with death by…

  • Advocate Cycles Sand County Bike // Forest Tourist

    Meet Jolene

    I have a new best friend, and her name is Jolene. She’s dependable, strong, fast, and is always there to support me. Oh, and did I mention she’s a bicycle? Jolene is a Sand County touring bike by the company Advocate Cycles. Advocate Cycles was a company with a unique business plan that was created in Minnesota in 2015. What made them stand out was their promise to “create innovative bicycles and deliver 100% of profits from the company back to making cycling better for everyone,” which was stated on their Indiegogo page. When I first learned about this initiative I was stoked to hear that this company was giving back, but…

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    Florida Spotlight: Lake Talquin

    I visited Lake Talquin for the first time at the beginning of February 2019 with my boyfriend John and my dog Koda. The trip was a last minute decision; I had recently started training at Lucky Goat Coffee and by some stroke of luck I didn’t have to be there over the weekend. I had convinced myself that it might be a long time before I had a weekend off again, so I decided to take advantage of that time and plan an adventure. John and I found a place on Hipcamp – a website that is essentially the Airbnb of camping – and two days later we hit the…