• Let's Talk About Collagen // Forest Tourist
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    Let’s Talk About Collagen

    Just a little disclosure: I am not a doctor or medical professional of any kind – I’m just some girl on the internet! This blog post is all about my own personal experience with collagen supplements and the research that I have done along the way. Trust your body, talk to your doctor, and find what works for you! Hello friends! Today I want to talk to you about something that has become part of my daily routine: collagen. I was initially exposed to the idea of collagen via Lee from America, a blogger and instagrammer, and after doing my own research on it I decided to incorporate it into my diet.…

  • Dublin Travel Guide // Forest Tourist

    Ireland Travel Guide: Dublin

    The last city I visited while touring Ireland with my family and boyfriend over the holidays was Dublin. We had originally flown into the Dublin airport, but all we did on that first day was rent a car so we could go straight to our Airbnb in Belfast. I was very excited to be back in the busy city and explore it for the last four days of our trip. Want to read about the rest of our trip? Check out my guides to Belfast and Cork! When we got to Dublin one of the first things we did was return our rental car, so we no longer had the…

  • Gear Review: Osprey Backpacks // Forest Tourist
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    Osprey Hikelite and Daylite Plus Backpacks

    I love backpacks. I especially love Osprey backpacks. I bought my first Osprey bag when I moved to Tallahassee and hiked a section of the Appalachian Trail with my friend Chelsea. The towering 65 liter beast was exponentially more comfortable than any of the backpacking packs I had rented from Campus Rec, and after that one week long trip I became a life long Osprey fan. Fast forward a year and a half and I am now the proud owner of four Osprey packs (I think I have a problem). I’ve tested these bags on the trail and in the classroom and I’ve learned a lot about the pros and…

  • March Intentions // Forest Tourist

    Monthly Recap // March 2019

    Another month has come and gone, which means it’s time to reflect. What went on: In February I was able to settle into a rhythm at Lucky Goat Coffee and fully adjust to life post-graduation. I feel like it wasn’t until recently that I found my groove with my writing and figured out how to balance productivity with leisure activities. After graduation I felt overwhelmed by how much free time I had, and as a result I had trouble finding ways to spend my time because my brain was so oversaturated with options that it was hard to pick one or two things to commit to. I feel like I’m…

  • Cape San Blas State Park // Forest Tourist
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    Florida Spotlight: Cape San Blas

    My very first backpacking trip was to Cape San Blas State Park, also known as the T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. It all started when my dear friend Jimmy, who I barely knew at the time, posted on Facebook that he would be driving out to the park one weekend and had room in his car for anyone who wanted to go. Looking back I’m surprised I had the courage to reach out to him since I had zero backpacking experience, absolutely no gear of my own, and hardly any camping experience. Yet despite all that, I found myself crammed between two other girls in the backseat…

  • Books Every Woman Should Read // Forest Tourist

    Books Every Woman Should Read

    Reading has always been a substantial part of my life; some of my most treasured memories from my childhood are the nights when I struggled to keep my eyes open into the wee hours of the night so I could read one more chapter. Books have taught me so much about navigating the world and emotions, but more than anything books have given me the gift of a vivid imagination. So today I’m sharing some books that I believe every woman should read at some point in their lives. If you’re not a woman don’t fret; these books are timeless and captivating and should be enjoyed by anyone regardless of…

  • Cork Travel Guide // Forest Tourist

    Ireland Travel Guide: Cork

    In case you haven’t been keeping up with my blog or facebook or instagram, I’ll give you a little refresher on what I’ve been up to: in December I traveled with my family and boyfriend to Ireland for vacation. We started the trip in Belfast (you can read all about it here!) and then drove all the way south down to Cork. Cork was a last minute addition to our trip itinerary so we only had one day to see all of the sights and eat all of the food. Despite the short time frame, we were able to pack in a lot of activities and it was totally worth…