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Holiday Gift Guide for Outdoorists

It’s that time of year again! The most wonderful time of year!

Oh yeah, I’m talking about Christmas time.

For me there is nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face when they open the perfect present. I absolutely love shopping for my friends and family but it isn’t always easy to know what to buy. If you’re unsure what to get the nature-lover on your list then I’m here to help you out!

Here’s my holiday gift guide for 2017 with ideas for the outdoorsy people in your life. Enjoy!

Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone loves stocking stuffers. There’s just something about those practical, portable, I-was-thinking-of-buying-that-for-myself presents that really spread holiday cheer. Here are some small gift ideas that are worth their weight in gold, trust me.

  • If you know someone with perpetually cold feet then Smartwool socks are for them. These are honestly the coziest socks in the world, and since they’re wool they’ll stay dry and warm in almost any situation.
  • Kafka Kool Ties have honestly changed my life. These bandanas will keep someone on your list stylish and cool (literally!) on even the hottest days.
  • Keep your friends entertained on your next camping trip with Cards Against Humanity.
  • Give the ultimate #GirlPower gift this year with the 2018 Women of Climbing calendar. This calendar was made by women and features incredibly strong and talented female climbers.
  • I’m not going to lie this next gift idea is something I want myself. Sorel makes slippers that are insanely cute and cozy in men and women styles. The Nakiska slipper is one I’ve got my eye on because it’s so fuzzy and warm, and perfect for cozy nights in or staying warm by the campfire.

Holiday Gift Guide

Sustainable living is something near and true to my heart. This holiday season, give something that is perfect for your loved ones AND Mother Nature. After all, she deserves some presents too.

  • Watch out Nalgene, there’s another kick-ass water bottle in town: the Hydro Flask. This insulated water bottle keeps drinks hot or cold for the longest time and is a must have for camping trips. Hydro Flasks come in a variety of colors and sizes, and are designed to carry everything from coffee to food. Plus when you give someone a hydro flask you’re converting them to the reusable water bottle life, so good for you.
  • Ask anyone, I always have my Snow Peak titanium spork with me. ALWAYS. After all, lunch at the crag doesn’t taste as good when you’re eating it with plastic single-ware that’ll eventually end up in the ocean.
  • Stasher bags are my new obsession. They’re colorful, plastic-free, washable, reusable food storage bags that are dishwasher, freezer, and oven friendly. Stasher is essentially Ziplock’s cooler cousin. The company also has a plastic-free pledge and is committed to creating a greener planet. Talk about cool!
  • I’m about to get a little personal guys. If you need to get something for a lady in your life, I highly recommend a menstrual cup. 70% of women use tampons while on their period, and the average women will use a little over 9,000 tampons in her lifetime. That’s a lot of tampons! Help reduce gross period trash with a menstrual cup! I use the Blossom Cup and really enjoy it, and have also heard great things about the Lunette Cup.
  • When worst comes to worse just get crafty! I’m a sucker for homemade sugar-scrubs, bookmarks, jewelry, etc. and odds are some of your friends are too.
  • Really stuck? Food is always an amazing present. Give the gift of a full stomach. (Keep an eye on the health tab on Forest Tourist, killer recipes are coming soon!)

Want to learn more about sustainable living? Check out my Trash Talk series and find out how you can minimize the amount of waste you produce!

Holiday Gift Guide

While the ultimate dirtbag on your list probably likes to say they don’t care about swanky gear, having quality equipment really makes a difference when you’re outside. Here are some of my top picks for gear that will upgrade any camping or climbing experience (and some of them are pretty cheap too!). You’re welcome.

  • Petzl Actik core headlamp. This bad boy is easily the brightest (and nicest) headlamp I’ve ever owned and it comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • Upgrade your friend’s camp experience with a luxury camp chair (and by luxury I mean it isn’t the ground)! I have an Alite 3-legged Mayfly camp chair in an adorable forage print and I absolutely love it. After all who wants to plop down on the hard ground when they could be kicking it back in a collapsable chair?!
  • This Therm-A-Rest pillow is an easy way to transform a camp or road trip experience. It compresses down into itself and easily rolls out for ultimate comfort. It comes in multiple sizes and patterns so you can find the perfect match for someone on your list.
  • Help your climber buddies crush their workouts by getting them a hang board! The Metolius project board is small enough to not be intimidating yet will still help them bump up their project grade.
  • If there’s a climber in your life who is interested in outdoor conservation, consider getting them an American Alpine Club membership, an Access Fund membership, or a Southeastern Climbing Coalition membership! All of the organizations are committed to preserving climbing areas, and usually a membership comes with cool stuff like a shirt or hoodie that you can either pass along or keep for yourself 😉

Holiday Gift Guide

When it’s all said and done what outdoorsy people really love are experiences not things. If you’re able to, try and plan a trip with your family or friend even if it’s only a day hike or a night at the beach.

  • The America the Beautiful National Parks annual pass is the gift that keeps on giving: whoever gets it will be able to visit amazing places in the United States and the National Parks Service gets your support!
  • Check Groupon for discounted passes and tickets on trips and events.

Holiday Gift Guide

There are so many local shops and small-businesses that are underrated. Shopping local will not only leave you with a one-of-a-kind gift but will keep money within your community.

  • Explore your local town, you’d be surprised what it has to offer! If you’re in the Tallahassee area check out the Frenchtown farmers market and the downtown farmers market to find stunning jewelry, tasty jams, handmade soap, and more.
  • Alyssa Beck on Etsy is based out of Georgia and makes beautiful art prints of flora and fauna. Her work is absolutely stunning, and supporting an artist is a gift in itself.
  • Divine Fem is another Etsy artist worth looking into, and she’s based out of Tallahassee!
  • If you’re looking for fun and geometric jewelry Camille Chew Designs is where it’s at. She makes colorful statement pieces that add to any wardrobe.
  • BlummePottery on Etsy makes unique, handcrafted pottery pieces that are functional and stylish. The creator is from my hometown and is a wonderful person, so show her some love!
  • My roommate Brooke (who has her own blog, The Beauty of Traveling that you should check out!) is an amazing artist who can paint anything on literally anything! Her shop on Etsy is called The Art of Traveling and it is stock full of the cutest hand painted wallets, coolers, clutches, and more!
  • When in doubt, get a plant. Plants are an easy way to liven up anyones space, especially during the cold winter months. If you’re in the Tallahassee area check out Tallahassee Nurseries or Native Nurseries for the perfect gift. If you’re shopping for someone who definitely doesn’t have a green thumb, be sure to check out the gift shops at both nurseries to find class knick-knacks and adorable t-shirts.

If you’re in the Tallahassee area and are looking for more awesome and local small businesses then check out this blog post!

At the end of the day whoever you’re shopping for will most likely be satisfied with anything if it’s clear you put effort into it. I know it’s cliche to say “it’s the thought that matters” but it really is the thought that matters. If you can find something that makes you think of the other person then you’re on the right track.

I hope this gift guide gave you some inspiration on what to get your loved ones this year, or on what you can get for yourself. Have a wonderful holiday season!


I'm a climber, dog mom, and a hater of plastic. I like seeking wild adventures and sharing them with people.

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