February Intentions // Forest Tourist

Monthly Recap // February 2019

I hope y’all had a great January and are ready to jump right into February!

Monthly Recap

What went on:

January was a crazy busy month for me.

For starters I finished exploring Ireland with my family and boyfriend (read about it here!) and returned to the United States eager to catch up on my sleep. I love traveling, but it’s also nice to return home and relax after a long trip. Unfortunately for me I didn’t have much down time to recuperate – as soon as I got home I went to a bridal shower to celebrate my amazing friend Kristen who is getting married in March. The shower was so beautiful and I enjoyed getting to catch up with some old high school friends.

A week after the shower I drove down to Orlando to take a ten day Wilderness First Responder course with the National Outdoor Leadership School. It was such a wonderful, stressful, informative, and meaningful experience and I met so many incredible people who are making strides within the outdoor community. I’m super excited to put my skills to good use and help people in a wilderness setting.

When I returned to Tallahassee my parents drove up for a quick visit before I left for Atlanta with my boyfriend John, my roommate Noah, and his girlfriend Brooke. Traveling with the three of them is always a good time and our trip to Atlanta was the perfect mix of exploring the city and climbing at Boat Rock.

Climbing at Boat Rock // Forest Tourist
Photo by John Miller.

As soon as I returned from Atlanta I found out that I got a job at Lucky Goat Coffee and dove headfirst into training. I’m excited to join such an incredible community of employees and customers and to learn more about coffee.

What I’ve been digging:

One of my all time favorite apps on my phone is Libby – the app that puts your local library in your pocket. I downloaded Libby when I worked in Wyoming over the summer and used it to read nineteen books during the seven weeks I was out there. I recently read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt on Libby and loved it so much. The book is a huge commitment but was so worth it, and I recommend picking it up at the library if they have it.

I drove from Tallahassee to central Florida and back several times in January and listened to The Moth Radio Hour on Spotify during each drive. Every episode that The Moth puts out touches my heart in different ways, but one story in particular had me in tears. Find out what it took for Beth Nielsen Chapman to write a hit song in Love, Serve, and Protect and I guarantee you’ll be crying too.

During the flight to Ireland I watched Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs and fell absolutely in love with it; so much so that I bought the DVD when I returned to the states. If you haven’t seen it yet you should stop by Tallahassee and we can have a movie night.

Monthly Recap

Here are my intentions for February 2019:

February Intentions // Forest Tourist

  • Drink more water. When my mom was visiting me in Tallahassee she was constantly drinking water, and she told me that she started drinking an entire glass in the mornings right after she wakes up and it has done wonders for her skin and energy levels. I definitely need to up my water intake, so in February I’m going to try to follow in my mom’s footsteps and drink a glass of water every morning before breakfast.
  • Reach out to old friendships. While I was in my hometown for my friend’s bridal shower I had the best time reconnecting with people I haven’t talked to since high school. I have a tendency to only invest in the people who are actively investing in me, which is a bad habit, so this month I want to try and reach out to people I haven’t connected with in a while and catch up. I should feel empowered to take that first step towards rekindling a relationship.
  • One word of kindness about yourself every night. I saw this intention somewhere on the internet and it really stuck out to me. Your perspective has everything to do with your idea of self-worth; one word of kindness and love can go a long way.
  • Be okay with being alone. In a recent instagram post I lamented about missing out on the opportunity to go on my first solo camping trip due to Hurricane Michael. For some reason the idea of sleeping outside alone doesn’t bother me at all, but being alone at the rock gym or in my apartment gets under my skin after a while. I want to be more comfortable with being by myself and to view that time as something positive instead of a reflection on my value.
  • Practice yoga at least once a week. During the summer John and I would occasionally watch Yoga with Adriene on YouTube and it was so much fun. I enjoy going to yoga classes, but it was also nice to push aside the coffee table and unroll my mat in the basement of my house while Koda ran around and my roommates cooked upstairs. The casualness of it made it far more approachable than the classes I only managed to go to once or twice a month. I want to challenge myself to practice yoga at least once a week in February – whether it’s at home or in a studio.

I had so much fun writing out my intentions (it’s become something I look forward to every month!) and am so glad that I’m making this a tradition in 2019. I hope you all have a lovely February!

What are your intentions for February? Let me know in the comments, or shoot me an email at indiaclaire.ft@gmail.com. All photos in this post were taken by me unless otherwise specified in the caption.

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