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Transitioning from Wix to WordPress

Hello friends!

I have some pretty exciting news as well as a confession to make. If you’ve been keeping up with me then you might remember that I created a blog at the beginning of the fall 2017 semester for academic purposes. Essentially my homework assignments for one class consisted of creating a website and writing blog posts, and at first I was so excited.

Then reality checked in.

You see, the downside to creating a blog for school is just that: it’s a blog for school. At the beginning of the semester I was eager to share my thoughts with the world and was silently thanking my teacher for forcing me to do something I had considered doing for a long time. But instead of writing about vegan camp recipes and climbing trips I had to blog about writing and multimodal composing. So with the end of the semester I’ve decided to start fresh with a clean slate and pursue blogging as a passion instead of as a grade.

Welcome to Forest Tourist 2.0.

Setting up a brand new website was a lot of work, largely because I was transitioning from Wix to I figured I would share that process with you in case you’re curious about creating a blog of your own.

Wix was an excellent platform to get my feet on the ground as a blogger, and I highly recommend it for people who want a cheap way to get started. The platform allowed for total customization of the appearance your website essentially for free, which was exactly what I wanted. You can easily drag and drop anything from an image to text to a widget, and choosing colors and fonts is quick and simple.

That being said, there were plenty of aspects that you couldn’t customize. On Wix I wasn’t able to link categories to a page, so when someone clicked on a category on my main blog feed they were redirected to the home screen. I wasn’t able to import my own image for the tab and instead had to use the Wix logo. I also had to put a lot of hard work and effort into creating slideshows, custom blog feeds, and pages. That coupled with the topics I had to write about for school left me feeling discouraged and uninspired to blog, and led me to the decision to start fresh with a new platform. and are two totally different websites. Confusing, right? is similar to Wix in that it lets you create a website without paying for a server, and is completely free for the most basic level of services. I knew right off the bat that was not the way to go for me because I wanted to import my own theme, have my own domain, and make all the decisions myself. So instead I turned to, which requires you to find your own web hosting service. The transition from a website like Wix, that would hold your hand as a website creator and guide you through the entire process to one like, that forces you to do everything on your own, was very difficult at first but ultimately I feel like I made the right decision. Now that Forest Tourist is up and running the hard part of designing a website is over and I can focus on creating content for you guys.

Welcome to the forest (again) and thank you for sticking with me throughout this process. I’m excited to start writing about the things I’m passionate about and things that y’all want to read.


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Transitioning from Wix to WordPress

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